About Me

am an Artist and Graphic Designer that resides in Melbourne, Australia. I have always been drawn to art and I've had this natural ability to draw since I was little kid. I leaned more into graphics as the years went on and I developed a strong fascination with animation and digital art. I was able to see a rather different, but distinct connection between hand illustrations and computer ones. 

I have a strong interest in sports (AFL footy, tennis and cricket), poker, horse racing, music and the downtime hobbies of movies, telly and PlayStation. I am a very keen traveler, having spent a lot of time overseas in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as countries like India, China, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii and Bali. 

Traveling to new places around the globe allows me to develop my inner awareness of my own reality and seek further inspiration. I keep my passion closely tied to portraits and wildlife animals, but as you can see, I am willing and capable of drawing just about anything you give me. I am naturally a realist, so whilst I am open to attending to new ideas, I'm always able to identify creative limitations straight up.

I hold formal qualifications in Visual Arts, Graphic Arts and Digital Animation. I use a range of creative mediums on varying sizes and forms. I can also accommodate your needs should you require a creative animator or brand and web designer. 

I look forward to working with you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Cheers, Jason.